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- Chapter 5: Meeting with virginity -

BB took me outside this week end. It was snowing during the night so he wanted me to experienced this white virgin element. I have done some slides and it was a strange feeling for me to keep moving by my own, without any help of someone else. When my legs started to freeze up BB brought me back inside. He didn't want to risk of making me sick because I ll need all my strength in two weeks. Our stay in this wonderful world is almost over and I ll have to be brave for taking the plane again. Once back in France I ll miss this strange Serbian people that use numbers in their alphabet, have Dutch flag on their car identification plate and like the Slovaks, call bacon a peace of fat.

Luise meeting with virginity

Serbian language:
My Serbian knowledge has reached today the amount of 423 words (+36). I m still reading poetry in Cyrillic to my teacher. I know she is well affected by my French accent in Serbian, even if she tries to ignore it, she doesn't know how to fake it. As the end of my stay here is coming, I start to feel lazy in learning. The words I like the most from the past week are "kazna" (a punishment) and "sastanak" (a meeting).

After more than two weeks I met my new flatmate, I talk to him during 4 minutes. He s presently living and working in Montenegro so he was in Belgrade just for one week end. During almost two days I noticed there was somebody else in the flat because of some signs. On the table, a mug with cold coffee that was not mine, a new soap on the bathroom, the bowl of toilet was closed. The funny thing was that before meeting him, my hears met through the wall the one syllable erotic complaint of his girlfriend.
In the last apartment I had only cold watter during a week. In this one, I had no watter for about 24 h. It was because of the snow and the cold outside. I always like this kind of situation that make you realized how dependent you are on basic things.

The Belgrade one station subway

Geek part:
I m near the end and I can say now that I will not have the time for implementing Nagios. I have finished the script for the backup of the Virtual Machines. I have done multiple tests and finally last Sunday I went to work to try it on production servers. My heart was beating a little faster than usual when we pressed "Enter" on the keyboard. It was not working the first time but it was the fault of my referent that didn't copy properly my script on the server. Then, we tried again and the second time it worked as expected. My face was wearing a huge smile, I was proud of what I have done. Well it s not totally finished cause sometime a problem appear if the script is lunched automatically with crontab. So I ll have to test a bit more that part before the end of the internship. Then I will start to write all the things I have learned here for my final report.

St Marc Church

Social life
A Saturday evening I had a shock, I was in a pub and I met there someone I knew but that was not supposed to be there. Well, It was crazy for me to meet in Belgrade agent MB-Prague, a Spanish girl living in Prague that I knew from the time we were both living in Bratislava. She was in the "white city" for one week holidays visiting a Spanish friend of her.
The week end after, agent RC-Bratislava was visiting me. I didn't tell him about agent MB-Prague so he was also surprised to see her. Then we had to celebrate with tequila as it was two years ago in Bratislava's Dezmar.
The day after we got the opportunity to train kick-boxing in the "Hrabro srce" club right under my flat. Vlado the trainer likes pretty much the kicks of my guest. I didn't know there was a possibility of recycling football skills.
A new accommodation means another housewarming party...



Sweating twice a week at the "Hrabro srce" on doing kick-boxing is a good training for me. Usually the next days almost all my muscles are hurting me. I'm improving my “jab” and “upper cut” on the punching bags or doing shadow fight in front of the mirror. I m still bad with the kicks because I cant hold my legs very high and I have problem with the balance, well, it s not tomorrow that I will be "aware".
It s good to have this salsa complementarity. One is for training force, endurance and reflexes, the other teach me the mastery of the body, to lead a partner and team choreography. On both I learn improvisation ;)