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- CONCLUSION: The secret -

As I am his confident, I know it, but he didn't told me explicitly. BB has a secret when he came to Belgrade. After two weeks in Serbia I realized that I was not the one he loves the most. Some how he prefers  blond color than my green one. I guess, I m the only one who knows.

There was a real reason for him to go to Belgrade and not to other cities in Europe. So far as I know, the first time they met was last summer when he was traveling and passing through Serbia. I understood afterward why he had brighting eyes each time they met during this 3 month. The other was always sparkling from inside when they had some busyness together. My Serbian competitor got to touch BB's lips more often than me. They were used to meet in restaurants, bars, private parties or even in the street, not trying to hide their "only for pleasure" relationship. Maybe you ll not believe me if I tell you that I was not jealous when they were enjoying each other in front of me. I new later that BB was not the only one and there was many people on the same situation. The one who knows how to turn of men's mind can get many of them.
Well, now everything is over so I can tell you. The only reason why BB went to Belgrade was for Lav*
*Serbian word, you pronounce it like "love" in English.