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BB arrived around 14h30 in the "White city". The weather was cloudy and cold like in Lyon where he had took of in the morning. "Zima do pici"* he shouted while exiting the airport.

His first thought was about Luise. She was still in his bag-pack and maybe already frozen because of the travel in the hold of the aircraft. He has decided to put her there because he didn't want to get trouble for crossing the gates at the airport. Even if she was European citizen, she didn't has passport and he didn't know how would be the rules about her for border crossing. Maybe he brought her to Serbia illegally.

For weight saving, he was obliged 2 days before to undress her totally and give her single plastic bag as an underwear. So sexy she was, dressed like that. Fortunately she was used to breath very low but the lack of sun touch coloring her skin would be terrible during the travel. It was not usual for her to feel the dark surrounding her more than one night long. Missing the sun too long could kill Luise and BB knew that. He always had her in mind on the way. He hoped to open her the bag in time, giving her solar energy & fresh air before she would be completely white, result for the loss of her special suntan.

Once in the center of Belgrade, he found his hostel within 30 min. Being in the room, he put the bag on the floor. While opening the side poket a bit scared he thought: "would she be still alive?"

Her skin was clear as unusual, arms were broken, but Luise looked him with a thought full of recognition, she was alive.

Some how it was not so complicated to travel with his pet plant.

* Slovak expression, means "Oh my god, it s cold"

Trg Republike / Republic Square


Serbian language

Because of my 2 month Serbian courses in Paris I know 213 Serbian words & expressions. "sundjer & smrkavanje" (sponge & obscuration) are my favorite one. The problem is that the people don t understand me very well when I m speaking. I have a too strong fresh accent I guess. Anyway, I can be understood without speaking English, I can use Slovak for ordering something or asking people in the street.


Cyrillic reading

The good point is that I will learn it very fast because it s used everywhere. Street names are written in Cyrillic (when there is such a sign). You have to know that most of the letters are like the Latin alphabet and some how, once you know that: 6 means B, C means S, H means N, upside down N means I, P means R, Y means U, B means V, 3 means Z ... it s not so complicated. Then you are ready to read "6POJ" and you just have to know the meaning of the word.



Few hours after being in town the 1st day I managed to meet agent JD-Beograd, my special agent helping me on seeking accommodation. Having some free time she is helping me A LOT. A pretty good support. The first day I understood that it wont be that easy to find the right place to live and I was disappointed at night. Fortunately I received some power from agent JR-Bratislava and agent RC-Creteil.



I ll start on Monday and I m already impatient to go to "Sava Centar" and meet people in Saga (the company where I ll do the internship). I got precious informations about Saga from agent JD-Beograd. Saga is a pretty big company and I ll be surrounded by engineers that have been fighting very hard to get a job here & having a convenient/inconvenient salary (depending on the country you are from). Knowing that, I started to feel the "AFPA" syndrome, heart tightening, under arms sweating, tongue hanging, lack of confidence. The reasons: a thought of not knowing so much, technician level, not bad but not so good...

Anyway, the opportunity is here and there is many things to learn and practice. Some how thats the reason why I m here. Fortunately I have with me a lucky charm, a little Eiffel tower reminding me home land.


Tele Communication

I was surprised to get a local phone number for only 2 euro (sim card), without asking you for registration (no name, no passport number). Even more, I ve been surprised that minimum prepayed credit you can buy was 2 euro. My Serbian phone number: 00381 62 ** *** **


For your consideration: You can be bored of my e-mails (it s not an obligation), because of not so interesting, too long or what ever, so the only way to escape is to send me back a single message "I m bored", written in Cyrillic. Then I will delete your email address from the mailing list.