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- Chapter 1: Setting up a local life -

Living at the hostel was tiring for her. Even if she had the company of many different people, she didn't like much to stay so long without a real home. BB had made her a new "air cut" because number of leaves were dead. Soon she will looks like him, without anything on the head.
Finally Luise had to move another time. Her new home was sweet, with blue walls around reminding the sky from her homeland.
Again BB had to play the hair dresser and not so much was remaining. She was happy anyway to have her roots on earth.



Serbian language

My knowledge has reached today 261 Serbian words & expressions (+48 in 2 weeks). It s not that much because I ve not been working hard on it. I still don't have language lessons yet. I was mostly learning swearword and very useful expressions such as "jebo te" (means: leave me alone) and "dobro dupe" (means: a nice girl)

Cyrillic reading

I become more familiar with the alphabet but there is still 4 or 5 strange letters that I can t read.
Once I was really happy to have a kind of flash in my mind while I was passing through a supermarket. I saw on a wall from far away the inscription "PN6A" and without looking at it or trying to read it, the word "fish" appeared on my mind.


I finally found a place to drop my luggages for 3 month. Thanks to agent VL-NoviSad that has made it possible.
The address is on Bulevar Despota Stefana, on the 12th floor. I m lucky to have a funny flatmate, interested in Linux as I do, and working for an Internet provider.


The place of work is about 30 min by bus from my flat. I m working at the Sun Microsystem section (15 employees). The people at the company are very nice with me, they always ask me if I need anything.

The beginning was a bit difficult cause the main topic of the internship is about something I have never done(Xen vitualization).
As I don t want to disturb too much my colleagues (they have their own work) I had to set up a strategy. The thing is that I ask for some help only if I have a sticky point for more than a day. First I try to find a solution by my own and if I don t have any clue then I ask the people. Maybe it s taking more time but that way I really know what I m doing and I m able to re-do it.

The geek part...(you can skip it)

Till now I have been installing and playing with a CentOS distribution (binary compatible with Red Hat). As I m more a Debian user it took me some times to be familiar with. Once the OS was installed on the server, I had to work only remotely with the command line. I worked also on the services in order to know what to enable and what to disable. Then, using Xen, I managed to have a Linux guest on the server, that part was the difficult one. The next steps will be to have multiple guests and make working the network. When this will be done, I ll start to think about the backup.


I have spent a lot of time in seeking schools in town. If I didn't managed to find a language school, I managed to find a dancing school ;) I go there 3 times a week on the second level of salsa dancing. The beginning is not so easy there cause they have started the lessons in September so it s like 3 month are missing for me. I m trying to do my best anyway and I m having a lot of fun in visiting a school where I don t understand the teachers when they are speaking.

I started to meet locals here. First it was agent JD-Beograd friends and then I met people working at the hostel where I have been living for more than a week. I had the visit of agents BB-Clermont and L-England. We had the opportunity to experienced a very good French restaurant that I will visit again for sure :) I have made a house warming party this week end and we were 12 to celebrate it.