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the mystery destination

In July 2011 I was lucky to have long holidays.  

Not telling my mum, neither my girl friend I decided to go far and imposed myself two rules for this travel:
- to go only east
- to travel overland only 

During the journey I sent weekly news to my friends, describing the place I have been without giving location names. By reading my mails and seeing pictures they had to guess the place I was.

The game was on and here is how started The mystery destination... 


####### Mailing list creation #######
subject: The mystery destination
This time I go alone, relying on my own,
I don't know when it begins, neither if it ends up.
I don't know where, neither how it goes,

but I'll write once a week about the travel.


If you want to receive my weekly mail during the holidays, write me back a simple message with "I want to know" in it. Then I ll add your address on the mailing list.  


The interest is on the journey, not on the destination.