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- Preliminaries: The waiting day

The waiting day

I was supposed to go from Lyon to Paris by hitchhiking but I didn't managed to make it.

This day I started to look for a car at 11h30. The location seemed to be good because the road was direct to the highway and there was a restaurant nearby. For 3h I was waiting and the only 2 cars that stopped were going on the opposite direction. Then I used the push method. I went to the parking in front of the restaurant to ask directly the people if they could give me a little ride. It didn't work.

The next 2h I looked for and moved to another location. This one was a petrol station exactly on the motorway so it was almost perfect. I was also unlucky there, for 2h, waiting and asking drivers taking benzine at the station. The best excused I got from the people were "you know I m quite full" with a car half empty, and "Paris is not on my way" with a car number plate from Belgium. Finally I gave up around 7 pm with 2 sexy red sun tens. One on the face and the second between the top of my socks and the bottom of my short trousers.

I don't know why it didn't work that day. I have put all the chances on my side and I had a big hitchhiking board written in capital letters "BEIJING". At least I had some fun and I made the people smile.

The next day, it took me less than 2h to go to Paris by train. I met there the 5 days old son of my brother. He s a cute little creature and as his father said, he looks like E.T. when he opens his eyes.



Another day, another feeling: Excitement.
Once dressed I was a bit excited when I took the 163 euro travel ticket from my pocket.
A thought crossed my mind. Let's go east.