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- Chapter 2: Cultural diving. Ajvar, Karadjordjeva snicla and Turbo-folk -

Another two weeks and already a new haircut for Luise. She s becoming a Tibet monk faster than anyone would become sick after drinking 1 liter of water from the Danube. BB was taking a good care of her. A glass of water every 3 days, a kiss on her leaf every evening for wishing a good night. He didn't know if she would get over it. Maybe she was seek, maybe she just needed time to make her roots spreading them around to take possession of the new land.

Serbian language
I am not proud to say that my Serbian words collection has an amount of 280 in my head today (+19 in two weeks). I do not practice so I don't learn. I still didn't have weekly lessons so I have made as a major objective to find something within the 2 next weeks. My favorite words for the past weeks are "zurka" (a party) and "sutra" (tomorrow). A funny person like me would not missed the opportunity to teach you how to use them on the same sentence: (He has a party tomorrow) "Zurka ima sutra".

Skadarska street
24 & 25 December
It was the first time for me that on 24 December I went to bed before midnight & without drinking anything. Apparently I was not alone on that situation. Thanks to agent AG-Clermont, on her way to New Zealand, for the SMS exchange. 
On the 25th I was working from 9 am to 6 pm.
As nothing happened in Belgrade for those days, I didn't have any strange feeling. I just went to work like normal days during a normal week.
The past weeks were not so busy because of the 31 December and 1st January were on Thursday and Friday. I agreed with the boss that I won t take the week of holidays from 1st to 8th January and instead I will use 4 days separately for making long weekend when I will have friends coming to visit me.
The geek corner
Till now I managed to install multiple OS on Xen as guests and enable them to start automatically at boot time. The biggest problems I had to face were about setting up the network. I finally understood how to bridge virtual network interfaces and I established a mini virtual network on Xen. I build up a virtual LAN between an Ubuntu VM and a CenOS VM, both hidden behind a virtual router based on Debian which give them access and NATing them to the real network. The next step will be to explore a new way for installing Virtual Machines because so far I used only OS images took on internet.
Cultural taste
I v been experimenting some new food here and the one that impressed me the most are...
Ajvar: The ajvar is a pleasant cream made from paprika, with small pieces of it inside. It is something they use for accompanying a main course. You can also eat it with bread. There is a spicy type (ljuti ajvar) and a non-spice one. I would say that it s something they use here how people use mayonnaise in France.
Karadjordjeva snicla: The "steak of Karadjordje" is made out of a rolled meat (pork), fried, full filed with kajmak (a kind of cheese but don't say that to Serbs cause they ll go crazy) and served with tartar sauce. This is a Serbian evil main course. It is so good that even if you have a too  huge portion, you want to finish it. My last dinner with it tells me that an inexperienced person could witness the crack of his own stomach after such a steak. So far I don t know who was Karadjordje, maybe a Yugoslavian cook, but I have no doubt that he knew how to cook steaks.

the amazing Karadjordjeva snicla 

The next courses will not help you if you are hungry, but it will feed your spirit and help your mind to escape the today's reality for some exotic destination...
Turbo-folk: The Turbo-folk is a main stream music type in most part of the Balkans. As a mixture of pop and folkloric music, it started on the Milozevic time and became very popular. Some how it reminds me some Bollywood songs and unexpectedly I would say that... I liked it. Experiencing the hearing of Turbo-folk would be mandatory for using the path between life and the kingdom of deaf. So if you missed the top Balkan hit 2009, prepare yourself before clicking on the next links.
(Keba - kukavica)

(Ceca - Znam)
My favorite discovery, Studio Alektik: I have been really bitten by this band. Nothing to do with Turbo-folk, Studio Alektik is an avant-gardism band mixing classical music (violin) with electro music. As I know, the band seams to be quite new and from Novi Sad. I keep it under surveillance ...
(Studio AleKtik - Fearless Symphony)
(Studio AleKtik - Don t destroy)
Social life
I have changed the dancing lessons because the level was too hight for me. So my next salsa lessons will be on a lower level and during the week end, even if I ll miss the cute blondy girl that was talking French with me.
For the new years eve I went to the big party that my flatmate organized. It was in a sport hall in the center of Belgrade, about 500 people were there, drinking and feasting as anywhere else. This night I had the opportunity to meet some friends of my flat mate coming from the south of Serbia. They were very friendly and I'm already planning to visit them in Pirot.
Happy new year to everyone.