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- Step 3: Where surrounding mountains are beautiful

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Have found Where the train can take you:
1st Aurelie G
2nd Veronika K
3rd Bruno B

For not keeping his mouth in the pocket
Blindness punishment* for Romain C

*The player that get blindness punishment will receive the pictures of the current step with 24h delay.

The players that can see my logs on the Internet and know where I m connected from should not play once they know those informations, neither give them to other players.


Step 3 - Where surrounding mountains are beautiful


Host address 6:00 am

The phone ring. It s the taxi agency that confirm the taxi down the building. I'm late and it takes me 5 minutes to be in the street. When I'm in front of the car I see that the taxi driver is sleeping. He seats on the driver's place, hanging on the security belt with the forehead leaning on the wheel. I want to take a picture but my camera is not easy accessible on my backpack so I knock the windows and wake him up. I need to be on time at the train station.


Another one day in the train. This travel seems short compare to the last one. I arrive at 5 am. A little negotiation with a taxi driver is necessary to have the normal price for the ride. 15 min later I m at the meeting point, a 24h opened American pub where we can have breakfast. I m surprised that my host is ready, with a friend of him, for such an early breakfast on Sunday. On the phone my host tells me that he ll be there in 20 min so I go to the Internet cafe under the pub for checking my mails. When they arrive I m on a deep remote romanticism email writing so I feel lucky they can't read what the screen displays.

the mountains


During this day they took me to the mountains, where, on the ski resort, new lifts has been build for the winter games this year. The view of the mountains from the city is very nice but those days the pollution don't allow you to take nice pictures of them from the town. For the evening my host organized a little party with his friends. It was very interesting to meet and talk with them. Most of them are working and we had good talk about job and travel experiences. Some of them have been working in advertisement and they can not believe it when I show them the postcards I bought. Not very nice pictures of the town, low quality photos and one of them is blur but not in the artistic way. We have been talking also about the film which tells the story of a local person going to US to marry Pamela. They told me that even if the film was forbidden on the cinema here, almost every one has watch this film. This comedy was funny for them but the image that gives this film about poor roma villages has nothing to do with they country. The only truth on the movie is that, for sure, they have the greatest country in the world ;)

the cathedral


In town:

I was surprised to see on a main street a place with lots of people going around like doing busyness. Some of them had a sign hanging around their neck with phone number written on it and other information I didn't understand. My host told me that it was a kind of street real estate agency. People that want to rent flats temporary go there to find what they need.

street real estate agency


For a town of that size I was expecting more to see. The cathedral and some monuments are interesting but that s it. The main point here for me is the surrounding mountains that you can see from the upper part of the city.

statue in town


Local food:

I have tried a local street food, a specialty called Samsa. It is a triangle of puff pastry full filled with cheese or meat. It's a bit similar to the Burek you can find in the Balkans.

There is a typical drink I still have to try. It's fermented horse milk. I think it should taste very strange but I want to try it.

the theater




Another day, another feeling: hesitation
For the first time I have to break one of the two rules I have chose for this journey. My choice was on the second one because,
a thought crossed my mind. Let's go more east.