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- Step 5: Where I have jumped into the past

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Step 5 - Where I have jumped into the past

An invisible line on earth works as a time gate. On that place, yesterday and tomorrow touch each other at any moment of the day. The legend says that if you cross it at midnight you can be lost in time.

An hour that passes is a relative value and I managed on 18th August to reach my destination before leaving the departure area. Someone smart told me that a day is 24h for every one, I know by experience that it's not true in some special cases.


My hosts picked me up when I arrived and once at their apartment they introduce me to their other guests, a guy and a girl from Israel. Those one were in town for 3 days already and as they were going to hike in the mountains the next days they invited me to join them. In the morning two Jews and a French left the flat of the Malaysians and managed to hitchhike with their big backpacks without splitting the group. I've spent very good time with them, each one of us had different story. The girl told me that she has just finished 2 years of military service in the air force, the guy had some busyness in Israel and planning to study in September this year.
The CS host we found in the ski resort was also very nice. We had some incredible time having an outside hot tub at 2 in the morning under the rain. The next day we hiked under the rain and for this trail we had to do hand tram to cross a river, a funny experience. The nature is quite wild here and it's quite common to meet bears or mosses. For hiking it’s recommended to have a bear bell in order to make them going away when they hear someone is coming.

view of the town from the mountains


We could not stay so long at this ski resort because my hike mate had a busy schedule. We came back to the main town by hitchhiking. The day after, the Israelis took the train in the morning and gave me the good tips to do a trail not so far from the town. When I did this hike the weather was not fantastic but the mountains were amazing to look at.

the mountains


There was a running day downtown and the plan was to join my hosts, for fun, running the 5 km race. We didn't manage to make a proper appointment and I didn't do the run. During the race I was watching the runners near the end of the race so the speaker asked me some help, to hold the yellow ribbon of finish line while the first guy of the semi-marathon will cross it. I was participating on the semi-marathon somehow.

the port


The people here looks really happy. Waitresses smile when they serve you. People in the shops seems to like their job and in general the population is friendly, help you, give you informations or answer your questions. Peosites/default/files/DSCN4170.JPGple are happy to live here, they are not looking for an opportunity to move to another place or another country and if they have to complain it’s about the winter.

Many times people smiled to me when they crossed my way on the street. Maybe it's a normal behavior but maybe it's because I didn't remove the bear bell on my backpack so I was making the sound of a goat that eats the grass in a meadow.

the sea shore


The town:
The street map of down town is very simple. It s a squared grid with streets named avenue 1, avenue 2, avenue 3 and so on from north to south. From east to west the streets are named street A, street B, street C and so on. Quite easy to memorized and know where you are in town.

There is not so much to see in the city but you have many beautiful trails for walking, cycling or roller skating that go through parks or on the sea shore.

a trail in town 1


The law:
Some rules are very strict. Each time you buy alcohol in bars or restaurants the bartender ask you for ID card or passport to check your age. I heard it’s not so strict regarding tobacco but I didn't experienced it. Out of that, it’s legalized to grow by your own a little amount of hashish plants.

a trail in town 2




Another day, another feeling: at home
The first time I saw the local flag hanging down because of no wind I asked myself "what the flag of the EU is doing here?" then I had a look closer and I understand it was not the European one. Maybe it's because I miss it but
a thought crossed my mind. Let's go more east.