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- Step 6: Where I hitchhike to north pole

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Have found Where I have jumped into the past:

the same people on the same order as for "Have found Where surrounding mountains are beautiful".


Step 6 - Where I hitchhike to north pole


6:15 am, I leave the apartment 4, number 2895 of the street.
One hour hiking is enough to reach the train station under the rain using the trail on the sea shore.

Cars of the train are from different company and not only the national rail road. I book in, the waiter take my luggage, and tell me that I ll have to go in the bus in front of the train station 15 min before the time of departure. I'm surprised because I booked a train and I'll have to take a bus. I get in like other 50 passengers and we are drove from the station entrance to the side, in front of our wagon. My god, I can't believe it, the distance is about 150 m, we could have walk 1 minute for it because we wont have to carry our heavy luggage.

The wagon has 2 floors. Down is a restaurant and up are the passenger’s seats. When every one is in the train a woman take a microphone, tells some jokes, explain where are the toilets, introduce a second woman as a bartender and explain what we can order at the bar and the restaurant.
At this moment I realized that it's more a touristic journey than a regular travel by train. My host booked for me this one way "tour" because it was very cheap with one night step at the hotel in the middle.

The place I crashed for the night is actually a resort in the mountains for over 60 years old. It's completely different than couch surfing but as the transport was expensive and the hotel very cheap because of last minute booking, I don't mind.

There is wash machines in my building but I don't have the coins to use them so I go to the restaurant of the resort and ask for change. The waitress tells me that I don't have to brake my bank note of 100 for that so he simply give me the coins I need which is about 1,25 euro. I can't believe he's paying me the laundry and it looks like normal behavior for him.

In the room the bed is so big that I could have sleep with 2 or even 3 girls at the same time. The bedside table has a lamp and inside there is a book that starts with "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...". Maybe to warn customers that the triple king size bed is not for multiple partners erotic nights.


The next day on the train is painful for my eyes because the landscape is so beautiful to look at. Still the same atmosphere as the day before with old people around, the speaker telling jocks on the microphone and explaining what we can see through the windows. The mountains are amazing, rivers and little canyons awfully nice. The sparkling colors of the plants make you understand the local expression "summer nature booming".

view from the train


I'm in town at 8 pm and I have to walk 30 min to be downtown. I have the address of the place I'm supposed to sleep but it s not on the tourist map I got at the train station. The main problem is to reach my host cause with my 3 sim cards and my two mobile phones I m not able to do text message. Only the local sim card can work with the local phone and I don't have battery on it, neither the charger. At 9:30 pm, I enter a bar, order a drink and start to ask the people around for a mobile phone to send SMS.

Many people have different faces compare to Europeans, they look Asian somehow with dark skin and open the mouth just a little bit when they speak. The bartender borrow me his phone to give a call. No one answer. Half an hour later I do the same. No answer. Then is the hosts dilemma, it's 10:30, night outside, I should surf someones couch that doesn't answer the phone and if I wait too much it will be too late to call someone else. I decide to try for the last time the previous number and then call my CS backup if I don't have anyone on the phone. No answer. I call my backup that I have right away on the phone. They ll pick me up at the bar in 10 minutes. It's the first time I use the plan B and I didn't expect to use it if someone offered me hospitality through Couchsurfing. I could have wait longer but as it was night already and I was dependent on someone else phone it would have turn complicated. Actually I made the good choice because the day after when I send an SMS to the host number 1, I had to wait 11h to have an answer.

the clock in town


My hosts live in a dry cabin, it means no running water at their place. They go to the gym or to the university to take shower. The toilet is outside and you need to take a lamp if you want to go there during the night. They have a kind of farm life style as they raise chicken in the garden and have 3 dogs at home. One evening we went to the university to play ultimate frisbee. This frisbee game happens twice a week and every people is welcome to join the regular players. Of course many students there but you can find also old people and kids.

statue in town


I was not supposed to couchsurf those hosts and they had family at home just before me so I decided to surf some other couch for the next days.
The second host is not difficult to find because I use my second CS backup. In between my 2 hosts I have one day to spend. I ve been downtown already where there is not so much to see so I decided to do something fun, to hitchhike to north pole. I take a piece of cardboard and make the sign on it, NORTH POLE. I go to the highway and stand on the proper direction. I just have the time to take a picture of me that someone stop. Actually I didn't expect to be so closed to the destination.

I visit the house of Santa Clause and take picture of him. The same day I come back to the main city and meet my new host.

home of my 2nd host




She is a student that writes her thesis and lives in a dry cabin in the suburb. This kind of accommodation is quite common for students here  because it's the cheapest way to live. Once a week she go in town to get water. Her place his really into the wild and I feel like in a cottage in the mountains. I m very lucky to meet her cause she is looking for outside activities during the week end and invite me for a two days hike. She has a tent and all the hiking equipment so it's perfect for me. The next day we leave her little home without locking the door, it's not necessary here, and drive one hour to the start of the trail. The hike is very nice and the landscape colorful. It will be one of the best memory even if I was a bit cold in the tent because we reached 0° during the night.

hike 1


hike 2


The town:
The area is surrounded by hills and a river cross the town from east to west. On the past, the region was famous for it's gold mines. Theses days many people come here because of the university or the military base, then they love the place so they stay here.

on the rock




Another day, another feeling: joy
It was full pleasure during the hike when I woke up the morning in the midle of nowhere, nature around and sun shining in the sky. I didn't want to leave the place but I had others area to explore.
A thought crossed my mind. Let's go more east.