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- Step 8: Where the sun rises in the south

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Have found Where the hidden step bring me through (Step 7):
no one


Step 8 - Where the sun rises in the south


Without problems I met my host at her address. She works as physiotherapist and plays Ultimate Frisbee every week. For sure this game is very popular in this part of the world. She's quite confident in couch surfing because I m her first host and the same evening we met she gave me the keys of her flat. She took me out to pubs and make me discover the local meal, the Poutine. It's a plate of French fries with little pieces of cheddar cheese, covered with a brown sauce. It s not a complicated meal but delicious to eat.

on the river side


The town is very nice with many places to see. Almost only in the center you can find hight buildings. In other part you don't see any block of flat and the buildings don't go higher than two floors. Most of the prices in the shops are without taxes and sometimes you think it's cheap but then, when you add taxes it's not really.

town at night


Local miss-orientation:
When you are downtown you have the river in one side and a the big hill (they say it’s a mountain) on the other side. For locals, down is south, where the river is, and up is north, where the hill is. The reality is something else because the length of the hill is oriented south-north, on the west side if you are down town, and the river runs south to north on the east side when you are downtown. All the maps you can find like city maps or transportation maps are using this wrong orientation (the river is down the maps) with a North arrow pointing where usually is East-North-East. As the sun rises over the river, it's normal here to watch the sunrise on the direction of south.

the oratory


I didn't stay a long time at my first host and moved to a hostel for few nights. Actually the place was an uncommon luxury compare to what I have experienced Where the crowd takes its full sense. Then I moved again to a new host and for the second time in this town my CS host gave me the keys of her apartment the first evening. People are very open here. I had interesting conversation with her about ecology as she is writing a thesis on environment impact of watter unavailability. I was surprised when she explained me the very complicated units of measurement they use like "number of extinct species per year per square kilometer".

the stadium


The city has many parks and you don't feel like in a big town. I've done a lot of cycling using the public bikes you can find everywhere. In the streets it was strange to have many times people asking me if they can buy me a cigarette. In France I m used to people asking for gifts, not for purchase.

In the big park down the hill there is a LARPG organisation (Live Action Role-Playing Game) that makes fight training every Sunday afternoon. Everyone is welcome with his foam sword to join them for the battle.

the sunset looking North


The underground town:
The city has an underground pedestrian network that connect 7 metro stations downtown. I’v been walking there for 1h30. This inside streets goes mostly through shopping malls, but sometimes it's subway corridors with little shops and sometimes it looks like big and long airport corridors. Those access are very convenient during the winter when it's freezing outside.




Another day, another feeling: tired
Step after step, morning after morning, I have been exhausted of not knowing exactly where I ll be the next days. Anyway,
a thought crossed my mind. Let's go more east.