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- Step 9: Where the sky is gray and no grass is

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Have found Where the sun rises in the south:
1st Aurelie G
2nd Sophie B
3rd Pierre G


Step 9 - Where the sky is gray and no grass is


I arrived in the city around noon. The sky was gray and people unfriendly.
For this location I didn't need to use couch surfing, I found a place to stay two days before. This town is a perfect place to find good baguette and croissant but everything is very expensive like drinks in pubs and sandwiches you find in the street. For the one that know, in few places you can eat for free, it happens on Thursday or Friday and you can get couscous or molds with French fries depending on the place.

The streets are quite dirty and the first thing you smell when you exit the subway is urine. Anyway the place is very touristic even if local people are not so open to help you when you ask them for the way. You have to know the local language because many of them won't answer you if you speak English. Locals are too proud of their language or lazy and shy to speak foreign languages.


One of my favorite place is a big avenue where you meet mostly black people. In this street you have a flavor of Africa, women have long colorful dresses and in corners you ll find improvised market with African products.


As the mosts touristic place you can see the cathedral located on a little island of the river, or  you can visit a big museum that have pyramid made out of glass at the entrance.

The most popular tourist sight is big metal tower. It's very expensive to go up there and once you are on the top there is nothing amazing to see.




Another day, another feeling: lost in mind
When I arrived at this new location I didn't know where to go further.
A thought crossed my mind. By going too much east I have met the west.


Couch surfing statistics, hospitality requests:

1- Kiev/Ukraine = 16 requests / 5 yes
2- Astana/Kazakhstan = 18 requests / 1 yes
3- Almaty/Kazakhstan = 24 requests / 1 yes
4- Hong Kong/China = 35 requests / 0 yes
5- Anchorage/Alaska/USA = 38 requests / 3 yes
6- Fairbanks/Alaska/USA = 17 requests / 3 yes
7- ???/???/??? = ? requests / ? yes
8- Montreal/Quebec/Canada = 41 requests / 3 yes