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- Chapter 3: The rebirth -

Growing millimeters by millimeters, taking the sun trough the windows each days some minutes more. That is it, the common day for her and she likes it. In order to brake the immobility of the week, BB had the idea to take her out. For this occasion she got her name stuck to make all the people knows who she is. She had a thrill of pride in her overwear, the name was written in Cyrillic. Even if it was cold outside, having some fresh hairs had made her appreciate even more her roots for the warm from inside. This kiss cool had a better effect than the last one. The day before, the flatmate and his girlfriend had their weekly argument. That time the subject was an unclear facebook-girl's message on his wall, the girlfriend was shouting while going in, going out and then, the door open still remained.

on the French monument

Serbian language
I have reached this week end 321 Serbian words (+41). I managed also to start language  lessons. It will be twice a week and a student of literature is teaching me. She is speaking only Serbian during the lessons even if she knows English. The way I learn is focused on conversation. The grammar is not for now, as I have only 1,5 month left I wont have the time to go very deep into with my teacher. Some how it s also a kind of communication lesson because I have to understand her and be understood by her. You can imagine easily that sometimes I have to play with my hands. My favorite words for these weeks are "odnosom" (a relationship) and "noj" (ostrich).
Accommodation: bath news and bad news again
The past week I became a warrior. As the water heating was broken, I had to take shower with cold water every days, even if it was minus 3 outside. I can tell you that I was very ecologically friendly by saving a lot of water. Not because I didn't take shower but because the average time I was using it was less than a minute. 
The nightmare of flat seeking reappeared as suddenly as it disappeared. My flat mate told me last week that the landlord wants to move back into his flat at the  beginning of February. So my flat mate and I will have to find another accommodation. It s a pity that I ll have to move just for one month but as the landlord is a bit crazy and wants to make us problems, we will have to move.


the rebirth 

Work, the Greek part
Waoww, this weeks I took my foot*. First I have spend a lot of time trying to install a paravirtualized Debian VM from an iso image. I didn't managed it and gave up. I was then focused on doing the same with Red Hat and it worked. It was not so easy cause I had to install web services on a VM in order to have the iso image available on the network with http. I became quite familiar with copying the VM and then tune them by changing configuration files, changing disk images and network parameters. It s really a good feeling when you know that you understand exactly what you are doing and that you are not anymore changing some dark-strange setup randomly. After this I started the process for implementing the Xen live migration feature. The concept is about moving a running virtual server from one hardware to another one while his services stay available. This feature is used when you need some maintenance on the hardware or for making charge balancing for example. So far I have set up a virtual file server and I m able to run on the same hardware, a VM having his root disk on the file server accessible from the network with nfs. I had some fun then on trying even harder condition for Xen by locating the file server behind a virtualized router. The server was not so strong and it was a bit too much. I had the feeling of a walker moving slowly on a tightrope between trees that lumberjacks are taking down with axes. Well it was not really stable. It was running once but I had many problems. Because of using only command line and having several VM on the machine I did some mistakes by shutting down the wrong machine (router or file server) while the VM using a remote root disk was still running. For the first time I had to go to the server room and reboot the server manually.
Now I m installing a second Xen hypervizor on the network. Then I ll play with the live migration feature.
*French expression, means "I had a big amount of pleasure"

street art on Despota Stefana boulevard

Social life
Looking for some sport during the week, I decided once to go swimming. I have chose to go to an Olympic swimming pool for the possibility to swim 50 meters at once. Approaching the pool were there was not so much fishes (1 per 10 sharks), I First felt being a shrimp when I saw how the guys were bodybuilded. Then I was pissed off because I saw all the people swimming on the width of the  pool, not on the length.
I have done a pancake party at home. Luise was not prepared but she didn't has the otportunity* or even the choice to avoid a shooting session with some fans.
*Serbian version of the Anglo-Slovak word "odportunity", means "the chance to resist"