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Human Powered Server: Personal challenge for 2012

This year I want to go a bit further into green computing and self-powered device. The challenge will be to build up an autonomous system using human power and able to run a web server. The experience will be a success if I manage to keep a web page online and nonstop during 30 days. My goal is to make it (or not) before June the 30th.

- For the power part I plan to use a pedal generator (using a DC motor) to charge a battery.

- For the server I ll have to use a device available on the market with the lowest power consumption. My plan is to check the power use of the CuBox (SolidRun) and the Raspberry Pi. The best one will be use to host the web server.

To have a suitable system for a long term use my aim is to produce about 24 times the server consumption. This mean that 1h cycling must be enough to keep up the server for 24h. Cycling 30 min every morning and evening would be a little pain but a longer exercise could become a constraint if you need to do it day after day.

Problem expected:

- the power produced is not enough

- the noise level of the system is too high for a shared apartment use

- due to daily use, le DC motor may has a too short life time


The challenge has just started