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1- Setup

My personal challenge for 2012 is about to be completed ... 2 years later (summer 2014).

I have put aside the project for quite a long time but I finally came back to it. The opportunity to build up a system powered by human force was so amazing for me that, month after month, I kept the idea in the back of my brain, still thinking about it. Power consumption of IT devices has changed, specially the one powered by ARM processors. The hardware I finally used is not a Raspberry Pi, neither a Cubox but an Android TV stick, the MK908 II. This little hdmi dongle is the device I have tested with the lowest power consumption so far, 1.0 watt on idle, 3.1 watt at max performance. It s powered by Rockchip processor RK3188T (ARMv7 quadcore Cortex A9).


List of material used:

- Old bicycle

- DC motor 24V/350w (50 euro on Ebay)

- Solar Regulator (7 euro on Ebay)

- 12V/24 Ah battery

- wood and acoustic isolation material

- a 2nd bike chain

- MK908 Android TV stick

- USB car charger adapter


The electric schematic used is the same as what I have done for the Solar powered server. I have just replaced the solar panel with the DC motor. This one is connected to the bike with a chain. Someone has to pedal in order to set the engine in motion and produce electricity.

The biggest problem so far was not in energy production, neither in sports time to do every day but the noise produced by motor activity. I had to work on acoustic attenuation and invest some money to build a box around the engine and reduce the noise. The result was OK to go on with the experiment but not enough to allow my girlfriend watching TV in the same room.


Pictures of he setup:

The power bike


The magic box


DC motor (24Volt - 350 Watt)


Charge Regulator 12/24 Volt - 10A

+/- connection to DC motor, +/- connection to battery and +/- connection to MK908


USB car charger adapter (up on the picture) to make power connection between the server and the charge regulator.

The web server itself, Tronsmart MK908 II (down on the picture)