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- Chapter 4: Minimalism, the way to free up your mind -

20th January, I woke up with the sun as every day, not like this lazy BB escaping his bed half an hour before taking the bus for work the head in the ass. Stretching my arms and pumping with my legs some sweeties from down I m ready for the 10h daily sun taking. The day ending something bizarre append, as the sun  is going down the heat increases. First I take this as an opportunity for this winter time, but more it s going more it s heating me. Is there someone kooking in the flat? Some black smoke is surrounding me, it s hot and I start to have problems breathing. It s really hot, too hot, I need to move because there is some fire nearby. Unfortunately I can t use my legs so deep on earth. They can feed me but can t carry me, they can make traveling my mind, not my body. Is that the end, finishing like smoked food for a vegetarian barbecue. All my wild life is flashing my mind now, then my pet's life, that one was not so long, I would have asked myself before why waiting so long for living really. Suddenly something appends, some how my arms felt a wind of life, the only thing I saw was BB's flatmate leaving the place, all windows opened still remained.

view from the fortress

Serbian language:
My vocabulary now is made out of 387 words (+66). I also know all the 30 letters of the Cyrillic alphabet. Thanks to my teacher that made me working on it. The last lesson I have been reading poetry in Cyrillic, it was pretty fun. My teacher told me that it sounds very nice but I don t believe so because I was reading as a 6 years old kid. I still have huge problem to speak and it s easier for me to understand. My colleagues at work are always surprised when I answer there English questions with a three word Serbian sentence. My favorite words for the past weeks are "tajna" (a secret) and "zvezda" (a star).
The old one:
There was a fire in my building on 20th January, 3 floor below mine. As the firemen were working inside, it was not possible to get in the building for about 3 hours. It was a bit strange to see on the TV news my building with heavy black smoke going from the windows. After this it was smelling barbecue in the flat for three days.
The new one: Where minimalism free up your mind.
Well, I think I have reached the minimum comfort I could expect for living. My new address is in sitnicka street. It s about 30 min on foot from the center and I just have to take the bus for one stop when I go to work. As I didn't have the time to really seek a new place I had to take the opportunity coming from my flat mate. He knew someone that knew someone, ...that has a free place. Now I m living alone in a 5 room flat. I rent one of the room for 70 Euro. The location is quite convenient, my room is bigger than in the last flat, but I m almost doing winter camping there. The first time I visited the place, there was only a bed in the room. Of course the heating is only in my room so when I go peeing in the night it s like leaving the tent to go outside. About 5 degrees in the toilet and the kitchen. The good thing is for the kitchen. This temperature make me aloud so far to not use the fridge and wash the sort of vegetable bomb that exploded inside and got growing in for 6 month with the door closed.
The whole flat was so dirty that it would be embarrassing to show it to my mum and tell her: I gonna live here. The first things I bought when I moved in were a broom and a pack of 5 sponges. It took me all the week end to make the place recovering an inch of purity. I remember the first bath I had, before THE BIG CHANGE, I was surprised once I finished to have several small peaces of white stuff on my body. Then I realized that I would need to play the broom not only on the floor, but also on the ceiling.
The things you own end up owning you. (Tyler Durden)

my new neighborhood

Good news, 2 days ago the guys from maintenance put lockers in the toilets. For the last month I would enjoy myself for natural needs during working hours without the fear of "open door".
Geek field: experienced people only
These weeks I was jumping from problems to other problems. The VM using root file system over NFS I was running previously was not good because the settings I used were too much exotic. Actually it was working for lunching VMs but it didn't help me for testing the Xen live migration feature. I first realized that there was some special parameter to use on the VM configuration file. I tried those but it didn't work. Surfing the web I understood then that I needed a custom kernel for using root on nfs because it s not enable on standard kernel (I was surprised that the 550 pages Xen book I bought in France didn't help me at all on this point). I enjoyed myself learning and playing with kernel sources an compilation for about a week. When I managed to compile it with the correct option, I realized that it didn't work at all for my VM. As my referent never used the Xen live migration before he was not so helpful for this point. Unfortunately I found too late that of course it could not work that way because I was doing paravirtualization, not full virtualization. So my Xen server was using specialized Xen kernel for the VM. In other words, I would have had to recompile this kind of kernel with the Xen tools to enable the "root on nfs" option. Well, I had already lost some time and I couldn't go further that way. I gave up on testing the live migration to focus on VM backup I m supposed to do. I m having now a more interactive work with my referent. He gives me advices and I write the script using bash. I guess I ll have the time to do this automatic backup but I m not sure I ll managed to experienced Nagios, as it should have been the 2nd part of my internship.
Social life
There is a sport club just under my new flat so I decided to have some training there. My weekly schedule is now salsa dancing Saturday and Sunday, then on Monday and Wednesday I do kick-boxing. The trainer is very nice with me. Because he has problems to pronounce my name he always call me "Francuz", (the French). The name of the club is "Hrabro srce" (Brave heart).
I have been also to some salsa parties. After facing a dancing anxiety I managed to do some interesting steps and a slice of improvisation. It s totally different when you are dancing surrounded by good dancers and when you are dancing during the lessons. Maybe the trainings at the "Hrabro srce" will help me some how.