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2- First results

Doing sports is tiring, but you can handle it if you are motivated. Well, right now (September 2014) the device is used as my main server (necessary for motivation) and provides various services as:


- primary DNS server for my domain (bind)

- email and webmail (postfix, dovecot, roundcube)

- this blog (apache, drupal)

- news aggregator (selfoss)

- personal cloud (owncloud)


A test of my old 12V/24Ah battery gave me 8 days of autonomy for the MK908. That time the server was almost always on idle, with power consumption about 1.0 Watt.
At the beginning of the experiment, 45 min cycling per day were enough to recharge the battery but only owncloud was installed on the server. Now, more services are available on it and 60 minutes are needed. Below is a chart of the battery voltage I check every day, around 5 pm, just before cycling. The weekly drop n jump shown on the graph is for the week I didn't bike on Saturday. On that case I usually cycle 90 minutes on Lord's day (after battery check) to recover what has not be done the day before.


first month chart


For the second month I tried to be regular, every day I m cycling one hour. If I m out for the week end and I can't do my daly, I do extras on the beginning of the next week in order to recover the missing time.

For example, the first week of October, I did:
Monday 1h
Tuesday 1h
Wednesday 1h
Thursday 0
Friday 0
Saturday 0
Sunday 2h
Monday 3h

As the next step I would like to verify If the battery can handle to power the device for a full week. So I will test no cycling for 7 days and then recover the battery charge doing 2 or 3h per day.


second month chart