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When impossible becomes possible

A one person's bed & a king size one in 10 square meter is just a problem of height.

A new place to live (Lyon-France) means a personal & unique interior design for my room. The following pictures present the place I moved in, in December 2010. The room is about 10 square meter and is a part of a 4 flat-mates apartment. Those ones were a bit surprised when they saw me delivering tones of wood in this little place.

So this quick presentation will show you the 5th mezzanine floor I have built, and like for Channel, the number 5 is a great vintage. Far away from the Robinson's Crusoe style I have done in Tunisia, I followed in Lyon a full suspension concept. At the end appears a room optimized for cleaning with furnitures using minimum contact on the floor. This building main line offered me the opportunity to try a legless ladder and a legless bed. The bed finally became the famous modular swing bed, “modular” because of its 2 positions (fold up & unfold down) and “swing” because of its freedom of movement.

The idea of silent floor is another innovation I have tried. I have add soundproofing stamps to every part of the structure in contact with the walls for that the floor doesn't become too noisy in case the king size bed would experience serious jerks.

As a bonus I got a pine tree flavor smell for a month in the whole apartment.


beginning of the work



view from outside the room, the swing bed is fold up


2 shelves and a little desk


the legless ladder and the main desk



upstairs, the bed


a coffee table in the corner upstairs


the swing bed, unfold down