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Kazakh visa request in Kiev (July 2011)

There is a direct train from Kiev to Astana (3 days long) every Friday and Sunday so Kiev is like an open door to Kazakhstan for who wants to travel overland.
The 1st class (kupe) is about 3000 grivna and 2nd class (platzkart) about 1800 grivna.
As a French citizen, to take this train you need Russian visa and Kazakh visa. I got the Russian visa in France because it was not easy to apply for it when you are abroad. Regarding Russian visa, be aware that it's better to have transit visa than a 2 entries visa. With a 2 entries visa you cant go and come back with this train because the police will stamp you 2 entries for one way.
I had a 2 entries visa and the Russian police stamped me the 2 entries during this 3 days travel because the train is entering Russia two times. I saw Russia from the train and then I couldn't go to Russia with the same visa.

The Kazakhstan visa seems easier and faster to get in Kiev/Ukraine than in France. I applied for it on Friday and got it on Monday.
The embassy of Kazakhstan in Kiev: Melnikova, 26.
Open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 am to 12 am.

To get to the embassy in Kiev, take the green line subway and exit at Luk Ianivska station. Once you are out of the station (main entrance), you are already on the right street, go left and walk for about 7 to 10 minutes. For visa request you need to use the back door of the embassy which is 40 m further on the street and then go right and right again.
Before going to the embassy you need several things:
- passport
- 1 copy of the passport
- 1 photo
- 30 dollars (you can't pay with local money)
- 1 copy of a hotel reservation in Kazakhstan*
- application form but you can take it and fill in it at the embassy. Easy information asked on it like name, surname, address of your job, ... 

Compare to the same visa request in France, they didn't ask me for the letter to the consul to explain the reason of the travel, neither the transport ticket to go there, neither the copy of insurance certificate. 

*Hotel reservation: A quick search on the Internet gave me only one cheap hostel in Karaganda available for on-line booking. I booked 1 night at this hostel for 2,10 Euro even if I didn't plan to go there. 

Have fun at the embassy.