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1- Crouton chroot on Acer CB5

First you ll need to boot your device in "developer mode" using "Esc + Refresh + Power" key-binding.

/!\ be aware that all data will be deleted on the chromebook /!\

At the yellow traffic sign, use "Ctrl + d" and the press "enter"
At the red exclamation point, use again "Ctrl + d" and the press "enter"
It will take about 10 min to install developer mode

Once the developer mode is enable, each boot will display for 30 sec the white screen with red trafic sign. You can skip this by pressing "Ctrl + d". The hard core tweaker will be pleased to know that you can also play with the BIOS and reduce this display time to 2 sec (see section 3- Custom BIOS).

Next step to install linux chroot is to download crouton script.
At the chromeOS login screen, select and configure network access.
Then, log into chromeOS, you don't need a gmail account and can use guest session by clicking "browse as a guest".
Open a terminal with "Ctrl + Alt + t"

In the terminal type the command:

then move to Downloads directory:
cd ~/Downloads

Download crouton script:
wget -O crouton

Then install, the chroot:
sudo sh crouton -r trusty -t lxde,keyboard -n trusty_lxde
# -r trusty (ubuntu trusty thar)
# -t lxde (lxde desktop environment)
# -t keyboard (enable brightness and volume functionality using key-binding with search key)
# -n trusty_lxde (the chroot will be named trusty_lxde)

Installation takes about 10 min, depending on chosen target and release

When asked, enter the name of the main user and type twice the password.

When finished you can start the chroot with startlxde. Be aware that in case of multiple chroot installed, this command will start the 1st chroot found with lxde desktop environment. To switch from chroot to chromeOS and from chromeOS to chroot use the key binding "Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Backward" (the backward key used is the one next to escape key).

For more informations, have a look on crouton's official wiki at